All Things Animated

All Things Animated

This group is for anyone who loves animated movies/tv shows =)
- Anime
- Disney/Pixar
- Studio Ghibli
- Dreamworks Animation
- Blue Sky Studios
- Warner Bros. Animation
- Cartoon Network
- PBS Kids
- Looney Tunes
- Boomerang
- Nicktoons
- Anything else you can think of :3
Please join!
"We have created characters and animated them in the dimension of depth, revealing through them to our perturbed world that the things we have in common far outnumber and outweigh those that divide us."
- Walt Disney

Furred, Finned & Feathered Friends

Furred, Finned & Feathered Friends

This group is all about animals! Whether they have fur, fins or feathers, they are our friends! We will have weekly contests about animals. Please read contest instructions carefully and follow them. Sets not meeting any contest's criteria will be rejected from that contest. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.
The Basic No-No's:
1. No Sets with Animal Fur or Skins, minimal use of leather in fashion sets.
2. No templates are allowed in contest entries.
3. No Nudity, Swearing, Drugs, or Tobacco.
4. No Abuse or Violence to Animals.
5. No Campaigns For or Against Animals.
6. No use of Satanic clothing or symbols in sets

Marvel superheroes

Marvel superheroes

All sets about MARVEL superheroes

Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit

Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit

This group is for if you love lotr and you are looking forward to seeing the Hobbit coming out 2012, 2013, and 2014. ONLY LORD OF THE RING AND HOBBIT SETS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Movies (Contest!)

Movies (Contest!)

This group is for all of the movie lovers. Any movie you can make a set about. Have fun with it! Now running frequent contests! So tell other people about us!